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ux consulting

We can make your software fit like a glove on the hand of your target audience.

Whether it’s a mobile app that needs to shine or a website that has to charm at first click, UX Media steps right into the shoes of your users to amplify that vital connection between your brand and its community.

Keep reading to discover the transformative impact that expert UX consulting can wield on your business’s success.

When Do You Need UX Design Consulting?

Ever found yourself facing a new software project and a blank screen seems to stare back just as cluelessly as you feel? That’s exactly when a UX consulting service could step in. With a sharp focus on design and user experience, we bring that much-needed clarity to your digital product’s development journey.

There’s a moment in the software development process where you need a fresh pair of expert eyes—someone who can offer strategic insights and a nudge in the right direction. Whether it’s usability testing or user research, UX consulting is all about fine-tuning your approach to really hit the mark with your target audience.

And let’s not forget those crunch times when deadlines loom and the pressure is on. Outsourcing UX expertise can be a smart move, providing your team with valuable design and user interface insights without overloading your in-house crew. It’s a partnership that’s all about boosting end user satisfaction and making every interaction with your product count.

Why Choose UX Media for Design Consulting

Choosing the right partner for UX consulting isn’t something to be taken lightly.

At UX Media, we pride ourselves on a finely tuned methodology that’s been refined over countless projects.

Our approach is steeped in a comprehensive body of knowledge, encompassing everything from user psychology to the latest in technology trends.

But, what truly sets us apart is our practical approach.

We don’t just theorize about what might work; we apply real-world solutions to improve your product’s design and overall user experience.

Result driven methodology

Selecting UX Media means opting for a consultancy that really gets the fine details of user experience design. Our finely tuned methodology is the result of both our extensive experience and ongoing learning in the field of UX: It’s living, adaptive, and always focused on delivering tangible benefits to your product and your users.

  1. Evaluating your current user interface design through thorough user research and feedback.
  2. Conducting usability testing to spot potential barriers that could hinder customer satisfaction.
  3. Implementing user experience design improvements that are not only creative but also firmly rooted in data science and real-world effectiveness.

Deep knowledge

Our team at UX Media goes beyond the basics to leverage a wealth of expertise. Diving deep into the nuances of user behavior, we use insights from fields as diverse as psychology, data science, and information architecture to inform our design strategy and ensure your product resonates with your community.

Practical approach

Opting for a practical approach means bypassing the fluff and focusing on what delivers results. At UX Media, we harness a mix of science and creativity, engineering solutions that users love and that fit within your timeline and budget.

  1. Analyzing the interaction design to enhance engagement and accessibility.
  2. Customizing user interface design to align with specific brand goals and target market expectations.
  3. Developing a UX strategy that integrates feedback for continuous improvement, nurturing long-term customer relationships.

How Does UX Consulting Contribute to Your Business?

It’s all about setting up dependable UX procedures that streamline your software development process and unearth fresh opportunities to captivate your market.

Engaging with UX experts enhances your potential return on investment by guiding you toward solutions that resonate with your audience.

We focus on crafting memorable user experiences that speak volumes about your brand’s commitment to quality.

By tapping into UX consulting, you strategically conserve resources, ensuring that every penny is an investment in smarter design.

Additionally, this collaboration will elevate your company’s UX maturity, cultivating a sophisticated understanding that consistently aligns with user needs and expectations.

Set up the proper UX procedures

Stepping into the realm of UX consulting means we’re setting the stage for solid procedures that transform not just your interfaces, but how your team operates. It’s about shaping an environment where design thinking isn’t an afterthought; it’s the main event, driving product development with the user firmly in mind. Adopting our UX procedures ensures your workflow honors great experience design from the get-go, paving the way for digital solutions that truly resonate.

Learn about new business opportunities

Taking advantage of UX design consulting opens a door to novel business avenues and, as a part of UX Media, I’ve seen it firsthand. When we delve into the specific needs of your software, we uncover areas where you can break new ground, be it through innovation in mobile app development, or by identifying a niche in your market that’s been overlooked. This exploration not only widens your business footprint but also injects your strategy with fresh, competitive energy.

Boost your return on investment

Investing in UX design consulting is like equipping your business with a GPS to navigate the complex web development highway, avoiding costly detours and dead ends. Our foresight leads to products that not only captivate your audience but also operate more efficiently, giving you a competitive edge that reflects positively on your bottom line.

Create great user experiences

Great user experiences are the bread and butter of successful products. At UX Media, we channel our expertise into creating intuitive and delightful interfaces that keep users coming back. It’s about understanding and anticipating the needs of your community to foster positive connections with your brand through every click and swipe.

Save resources

Spot on resource management is what sets successful endeavors apart. By embracing UX design consulting, you’re not just polishing your product; you’re also tuning your team’s focus to what really matters: building experiences that delight users without wasteful expenditure. This strategic economization can transform your entire operation:

  1. Streamlining design efforts to avoid redundant features that don’t serve the user.
  2. Deploying resources effectively by targeting areas that genuinely enhance user engagement.
  3. Reducing long-term costs through informed decision-making, eliminating guesswork and rework.

Improve your company’s UX maturity.

Boosting your company’s UX maturity goes beyond just improving a single product; it often transforms the cultural mindset toward design throughout your organization. By embracing comprehensive UX consulting, your team gains a laser-focused understanding of effective user experience strategies, fostering an enduring ethos that prioritizes user satisfaction at every developmental stage.

  1. Accelerating the proficiency of your teams in embracing and implementing UX best practices, leading to higher quality outcomes.
  2. Embedding user-centric thinking into your company’s DNA, encouraging innovation and responsiveness to market needs.
  3. Building a foundation of UX knowledge that supports strategic decision-making and avoids costly missteps.
  4. Syncing cross-departmental efforts to unify goals around enhancing user experience, helping different aspects of the business to speak the same design language.

What to look for in a UX design consulting team?

Choosing a stellar UX consulting team is much like assembling an all-star sports team; you need top-notch players in every position.

Each individual should demonstrate not just a solid track record of professional triumphs but also an active commitment to honing their craft.

This means having a keen eye for detail, an eagerness to absorb new knowledge, and a talent for wielding their skills to tackle complex challenges with finesse.

Besides looking for expertise, it’s essential to gauge the collective wisdom the group brings to the table, a shared dedication to learning and innovation that continually moves the needle.

But skills alone aren’t enough.

True collaboration is born from excellent communication and a culture where everyone takes full responsibility for the project’s success.

When I think about building the ideal team here at UX Media, it’s this combination of individual brilliance and group synergy that creates the magic our clients have come to expect.

Individual expertise

In the bustling arena of UX design consulting, individual expertise stands as a beacon for transformative digital experiences. A consultant with deep skill sets translates theories into actionable insights, ensuring each project benefits from a high caliber of professional finesse.

Knowledge and professionalism

Surrounded by dynamic minds at UX Media, our team absorbs and expands its collective intelligence through regular brainstorming sessions and collaborative problem-solving. This harmonized effort not only amplifies our individual skills but also enriches our consultancy with a diverse set of perspectives, where the sum of our knowledge far exceeds its parts.

BrainstormingTeam members share ideas and experiencesRicher pool of insights for innovative solutions
Collaborative Problem-SolvingInterdisciplinary approaches are appliedBetter-informed decisions that cater to diverse user needs
Knowledge SharingRegular updates on latest UX trends and dataEnsures strategies are current and competitive

Willing to learn

The zest to continuously absorb fresh ideas and evolve professionally is something I always look for in our UX Media team. Being adaptable and receptive to new knowledge ensures we stay ahead of the curve, dynamically applying the latest UX principles and technologies to enhance the projects we proudly work on.


In the tapestry of UX consulting, being skillful is like having a Swiss Army knife at your side, ready to tackle any design challenge that comes your way. At UX Media, this means not just having the technical know-how, but also the ability to communicate ideas clearly and creatively solve problems that enhance the user’s interaction with the product.

Easy communication

Great communication is the cornerstone of any successful UX design consulting team. It’s about ensuring ideas are not only heard but fully understood, fostering collaboration that pushes projects from good to exceptional. A team that communicates effectively breaks down complex problems into actionable solutions, forming a clear roadmap for clients and stakeholders alike.

Team QualityBenefitsImpact on Project
Effective CommunicationClear understanding and exchange of ideasEnhanced collaboration leading to higher-quality outcomes
Active ListeningRespect for diverse viewpoints and feedbackComprehensive solutions that address real user needs
TransparencyOpen discourse on challenges and progressTrust built with clients, ensuring aligned goals and expectations

UX Consulting Myths

When it comes to UX consulting, one common myth is that it’s a luxury reserved for the final polish of a project. In reality, engaging with UX experts from the outset is a strategic move. It ensures that user-centric principles guide every decision, dramatically reducing costly revisions later on.

Another misconception is that UX consulting is only about aesthetics—making interfaces look pretty. But it’s far deeper than that; it’s about architecting experiences that are intuitive and genuinely meet user needs. This focus on functionality and usability is what truly drives user satisfaction and loyalty.

There’s also the tale that asserts all UX consultants do is tell you what you already know. Not true at all: a seasoned consultant uncovers hidden opportunities and brings forth insights that might have been overlooked, proving to be an invaluable asset for any project:

MythRealityImpact on a Project
Luxury for Final PolishStrategic from the StartReduced Revisions & Costs
Only About AestheticsFunctionality & Usability FocusEnhanced User Satisfaction
Tell You What You KnowUncover Overlooked InsightsInvaluable Asset for Innovation

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a UX consultant do?

A UX consultant primarily focuses on evaluating the user experience of digital products, providing expert advice to improve it. Their work involves a mix of user research, usability testing, and design insight to guide improvements in software and web development.

How much does a UX consultant cost?

The cost of hiring a UX consultant can vary widely depending on their experience and the project’s scope. Typically, you may see prices ranging from around $50 to $200 an hour for consultancy services.